Bubble Gum Condoms

As kids we all remembered going to a local baseball game and rampaging the nearest snack stand. While other kids would choke on pixie stick sugar dust the rest of us couldn’t wait to get our hands on some of that sweet Bazooka Joe bubble gum! Not for the gum, that part was terrible, but because we wanted the cheesy ass little comics inside. I’m not sure why but it gave our little meaningless lives a purpose to know we only had a few more comics to go in order to collect them all. Then video games ruined everything.

As adults we’ve all moved past our former glory days and now look to the future of our passion to collect more things we don’t really need. But we want them and honestly that’s what really matters. So what better thing to want to collect than all the flavored condoms science can offer! From cherry to snozzberries there’s a plethora of awesome goodness to collect. We simultaneously fill the void of finding rare things by collecting a tool meant to help fill, well another kind of void. However, growing up in this fast paced society we all become jaded much to quickly. “What’s the use of having all these wonderful latex pleasure fruits neatly lined up in my top drawer if I already know what’s inside?” you’ve probably asked yourself (not me though, I keep my socks in the top drawer).

The adventure and mystery must continue to grow and spark that child like wonder back into our busy lives.Which brings me to my next point. Bubble gum flavored condoms…with comics! The next time you buy that pack of Cap’n Crunch Berry flavored love socks you’ll be in for a wonderous surprise!

Imagine: The mood is nice but not perfect, you probably could have set up a playlist or something on your computer, it’s been a couple days since you and your partner decided to spice things up so you picked up this particular pack of flavored condoms because the box looked neat or something. So you two are there, you bust out these babies and as she’s shaking her head while opening the package out pops a little Tijuana Bible!A “what the fuck” moment naturally happens but now you’re both laughing and having a great time! Who knows maybe you’ll get some fun ideas from the comics inside (Seriously have you read one before?)

And there you have it, the wave of the future! Not only will people be scrambling to collect them all but you can actually use the product inside to do more than break your teeth when you chew on it. Yes just because we grow up doesn’t mean we have to let the things that made our childhood worth living go. Plus there’s the sex part. That’s awesome too.
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